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3D Printing with Ninjaflex - Adhesion issues

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

In the previous write-up, we shared some solutions to getting NinjaFlex extruding reliably from the hot-end of a 3D printer. 

In this write-up, we share some must-do tips to get NinjaFlex sticking to the print bed. 

According to Fenner Drives, NinjaFlex can stick to a variety of build platforms including acrylic, aluminium and glass but we have found that best adhesion is achieved with Kapton tape. Kapton tape rubbed down with nail polish remover to remove any residual dirt and oil works very well with Ninjaflex. 

More than with any other filament, it is also very important that the build platform is levelled before every print. Extruded filament that is not properly sticking to the build plate can cause problems. 

NinjaFlex is one of the most reliable and easiest to use flexible filaments available on the market today. Everything from mobile phone bumpers and cases to wearable parts can be 3D printed and made more usable with the use of NinjaFlex. Ninjaflex is available at the 3D Printing Materials Store by Mēkā

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