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What can I do with Laywood and Laybrick?

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

It is a question that we are constantly asked - What can I actually do with Laywood and Laybrick?

Let's start with an introduction. 

Laywood is an alternative filament that is wood pulp combined with polymer binding agents. There is no warpage and a heated print bed is not required when printing with Laywood. By adjusting the extrusion temperature, models printed with Laywood can be made to appear with a "tree-ring" pattern.

Laybrick is an another alternative filament that is polymer binding agents combined with super-fine milled chalk. There is very little warp and offers a variety of post-processing options. At lower extrusion temperatures (165 to 195˚C), models printed with Laybrick have a smooth finish while at higher temperatures (210˚C), models will have a rough surface finish. Check out the very comprehensive write-up by

The general understanding is that Laywood and Laybrick filaments are good mostly for aesthetic purposes and it is true, to a certain extent.

Laywood makes very nice jewellery pieces. Bangles and bracelets turn out nice when 3D Printed with Laywood and they are much lighter than traditional wood materials.

Here are some examples:

Chunky Bracelet

Diagrid Bracelet

Laybrick is infinitely useful for making full use of the whole build platform. Think of large projects on 3D printers with large build plates - that is where Laybrick excels. It also gives the models a really nice rough textured finish. 

The Metropolis

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