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New filaments and resins are in store now!

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

We are happy to announce a new partnership with the wonderful people from Funtodo from the Netherlands and TwoBears from Germany.

Funtodo are manufacturers of some of the best quality and affordable resins ever. They have earned rave reviews from many experts and even newbies find joy in using their resins. Their resins are designed to work best with DLP printers. Users of some SLA printers may need to do a bit more calibration to get consistent prints with Funtodo Resins. 

Three different blends of Standard, Industrial and Castable are available for all your DLP 3D Printing needs. 


Black Industrial Blend Resin

Castable Blend Resin after

investment casting with Bronze

Red Standard Blend Resin


Standard Blend Resins are the most cost-effective solution for your everyday printing needs. Industrial Blend Resin was developed for customers who need a material that can withstand both very low and very high temperatures. The Castable Blend Resin is specially formulated to work with standard settings and methods of vacuum investment casting. 

TwoBears is the company behind an innovative blend of bio-polymers that they have dubbed BioFila. With their strong belief in sustainable processes and high quality materials, Twobears strives be fair to both their customers and the environment.

Adding to that, these filaments also have a beautiful finish and are relatively easy to work with. 

BioFila Linen

Image courtesy of TwoBears


BioFila Silk

Image courtesy of TwoBears


Materials available include but are not limited to silk, linen and chlorophyll. These unique blends are the the first in the world. We are hopeful that this will herald a more sustainable era in 3D printing. 

Get 1 Litre bottles of resin or 10 metre packs of BioFila today at the 3D Printing Materials Store


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