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Winner of the October 3D Printing Filament Giveaway!!

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

Congratulations to Zhenning Lim, winner of the October 2014 3D Printing Filament Giveaway. He has won T-Glase and Bridge Nylon filaments from Taulman3D. These filaments are world-renowned as some of the most beautiful and strongest filaments on the planet. Taulman3D's special formula makes printing with nylon a breeze. And T-Glase is FDA-approved for use in direct contact with food. 
We asked our friends to share with us a picture of their workspace and also share with us what was unique about their machine and why they love it so much. 
Zhenning Lim from Malaysia shared with us this image of the DIY custom Portabee printer. He is running on a Ramps 1.4 Board with Marling Firmware installed. His Geeetech all metal hotend takes in 1.75mm Filaments and extrudes at 0.3mm with a 40W heater cartridge. His print bed a a MKII heated with sandblasted glass. The sand blasted glass reduces the use of kapton or blue tape all together. A huge savings in cost if you ask us. 
Stay tuned for the November filament giveaway. The filament giveaway is open to anyone and everyone no matter where you are from. We will be sure to ship your filaments over to you! 


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