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Why Simplify3D is awesome

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

I've been experimenting with Simplify3D for a while now and I must say i am very impressed. Even though the price is a bit steep, Simplify3D is well worth the money. 
When you first open up Simplify3D and load a file, this is the screen that you see. There is a bit of lag - which may the combination of aged Macbook, too many programs running and a software that requires rendering, display and manipulation of 3D models. The interface and layout takes a bit of getting used to but after learning some shortcuts, I was able to quite deftly navigate every inch of Simplify3D. It did help that there are a lot of tutorials available to aid in everything from setting up the software and printer to more advanced actions such using multiple slice setting on the same object. 
There is a profile for all the major brands of printers and as far as I know more and more manufacturers are coming on board with Simplify3D to have their printers listed. 
The above is a screenshot of the printer and slicing settings page. From here you can control everything from raft and support settings to speed of the print. You can also use the software to set a skirt to ensure that the flow of material is right before printing and brims to enable your model to stick to the print bed. This is something that might be more complicated on other softwares and some others don't have such function at all. 
(Picture from Simplify3D.com)
Another thing about Simplify3D that I love is the supports. Using a dashboard specifically for supports, you are able to set parameters for automatic generation of support or you can manually place supports where you think they will be necessary. 
(Manual placement of supports)
This is the last screen before you can start printing, From here you can export to an SD card, print right away through USB (there is a live-tracking function or view an animated preview of the print before doing anything else. 
All in all, Simplify3D makes life easier and helps me churn out slices much faster than any other software could do. 
Simplify3D is available at the 3D Printing Materials Store at www.3dprms.com. If you are in Singapore, set up a meeting with us to see a demo and say hello to your new best friend. 


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