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Review of Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

I recently had a chance to look at the Matter and Form 3D Scanner and discover what all the hype was about. And I must say, I am as impressed as can be. 


The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a designed in Canada 3D Scanner that has been engineered to be accurate and easy to use. Using lasers to detect shapes and a camera to detect color and textures, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a great tool for any artist, engineer or even hobbyist to have in the office or at home. 

A video review by TechCrunch.

You can find out more specifications here.

One publication calls Matter and Form, “The layperson’s 3D Scanner” and that would be the best description. From setting up to calibrating to getting your first scan, it takes minutes. And as long as you get the conditions right, you will have very good scans all the time. The Matter and Form 3D Scanner also allows true to size and true to color 3D Scanning. Conor scanning is dependent on your lighting conditions. 


Check out as educational video on the Matter and Form. 

The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is available exclusively in Singapore on the 3D Printing Materials Store at SGD 749 for a limited period till 31st July 2015. 


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