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7 benefits of having a 3D printer at home or office

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

3D Printing has been exploding recently. And there are evangelist telling us to get one at home, at the office and everywhere, including the toilet. We believe that you should start small. If it's relevant to you, get your boss to buy one and stick in the office. 

Here are 7 benefits to having a 3D Printer at the office. (or if you work from home, at the home).

1. Less Waste

Think about what happens when a little bracket on an IKEA object is broken - we throw the whole object away and get a new one. With 3D printing, you will now be able to print just that little bracket. There will be some waste, but not nearly as much as when you buy a whole new product. 

2. Cheaper Manufacturing

You will be able to create your own objects in the comfort of your home. Think of the figurines, models and other objects that you can now just 3D Print at home. This would save you quite a bit on consumption and manufacturing costs. 

3. Customisation

For all the objects you want to make, you will now be able to make each unique. Imagine all the happy people with their own unique gifts. 

4. Environmentally-friendlier

If we can bring manufacturing closer to home, we’ll be burning less fuel trying to ship objects across land, oceans and seas. We’ll be releasing less Carbon, which is always a better alternative. 

5. Save money - in the long run

Although the initial investment may be a bit high, especially for a good quality 3D printer, what you will be getting is a tool to enable your creativity. Who knows you might just invent the next great product. 

6. Be your own designer/inventor

Create niche products that only you would ever allow in the marketplace. Fulfil your desire to be a inventor and explore the boundaries of your ideas. 

7. On-demand creation/ manufacturing

So your company wants you to figure out how to make 100 pieces of something, you have a 3D printer, why not use that. and get a co-worker to help you finish. Same applies for someone at home - husband/wife, kids, parents and the list goes on. 


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