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Should you get a FlashForge Finder?

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

Here is a quick run-down of what we like and what we didn’t like about the Finder. At the end of it, you’ll have our very biased opinion. 

FlashForge Finder Review

What we like:

1. The FlashForge Finder is well-designed for easy repair - the boards are at the back as opposed to the bottom for other 3D printers.

2. The FlashForge Finder is really quiet. ~65dB compared to ~79dB for the FlashForge Dreamer. 

3. Very nice design which will fit well with other household equipment.

4. Very high print resolution (50 microns) right out of the box. Even at 200 microns, The Finder gives a smooth finish with very little errors. 

FlashForge Finder Review

5. Removable build plate - this makes removing prints really easy but may lead to levelling issues if you are not careful. 

6. Uses a USB Thumb Drive instead of SD Card. Less errors and faster transfer times, so of course we like it. 


What we don’t like:

1. Provided filament tube is too stiff - caused a lot of stress and ultimately breakage of the filament.

FlashForge Finder Review

2. Proprietary filament usage - there is an easy way to get around this.

FlashForge Finder Review

3. The levelling procedure can be a pain sometimes, especially when we have to redo the whole thing. 

Our Biased Opinion:

If you really are new to 3D printing and you don’t want to explore it any further than just having 3D Prints made, then the FlashForge Finder was made for you. It is easy to use and works very well - you can’t ask for any more from a 3D printer. 


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