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FlashForge Guider 3D Printer Review

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

In the same quick, simple and easy to read way we did the FlashForge Finder Review, we’re back to do a review of the latest offering from FlashForge - the FlashForge Guider.


What we like:

1. BIG build plate - great for all those helmets we’ve been wanting to print. And the build plate arms are made of steel, which adds to the stability. (Photo below: the 3M Plate represents the current build capacity of the FlashForge Creator Pro and FlashForge Dreamer.)


2. One of the the best extruders around. (I would say “in the world”, but lets be honest, there are some awesome extruders out there.) - We’ve had the prints run out of filament half way through and although it keeps going on, I think they missed out the filament detection with this one, the extruder does not clog or jam when we come back to clear it. All we have to do is heat up and push through the filaments.

3. “Automated” levelling - The procedure just keeps getting better. Now the probe moves up and down to “sense” the bed and you only need to make adjustments when absolutely necessary - meaning if the bed is too damn close or too damn far. (Photo below: That little PCB is the levelling probe)


4. Flashprint - The FlashForge Guider is also optimised for use with FlashPrint and settings have become much easier now. We may be looking at “Just press print” somewhere in the near future.

What we don’t like:

1. The build plate is not heated, so warping does become an issue.

2. The Z-axis is terribly noisy, on our machine at least. We have this grinding that doesn’t seem to go away, even with all the grease in the world. We’re going to consult with FlashForge about what is causing this and how else we can solve this. This might be a deal-breaker for most people. (Update: it’s been found that there was a problem with the brass nut and threaded rod on the Z-axis, so this may not necessarily be a problem on all the Guiders).

3. Aesthetic - FlashForge seem to have taken a step back and sent the design back to the days of the FlashForge Creator Pro (which we are having a great sale on, by the way). Update: We’ve spoken to FlashForge and what we got was a demo set, they will be switching the looks up a bit.

4. The levelling procedure can sometimes be a problem. As the probe will compensate slightly for the z levels, you’ll have to run through the levelling once in a while. Especially when removing items from the build plate, you’ll end up messing up the levels, which can lead to the offsets being useless. This would lead to prints being knocked off the print bed.

Our biased opinion: 

If you want something with a BIG build plate and you don’t need the dual extrusion options, then the Guider is your best bet. At SGD 2999 with a one year warranty, this comes off as a steal. 

(Photo below: Our first 3D Print with the FlashForge Guider, this one ran out of prints halfway, anyone want 3/4 of a Stormtrooper head?)


We love the fact that FlashForge is listening and making all the improvements that people want. They have proven to be great partners and we look forward to more awesome products from FlashForge. 

Below: some other great prints shared by FlashForge and FlashForge Japan. 





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