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Disintegrating 3D Printing filaments

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on


This is what we are talking about and when this happens, we get incredibly upset. 

But, why does this happen?

Recently, we have had two complaints (our of the hundreds sold, that’s still a small number) about the filaments “disintegrating” right out of the vacuum-sealed plastic bag. Although there is more research that needs to be done before anything can be concluded, we do have a few (well only 2 main ones) theories.


Although in the production facilities, there are very stringent quality control mechanisms, some filaments do slip through the cracks. These packs of filaments may have been manufactured at a time when there were small differences in temperature and humidity. Sometimes, that is all it takes to make filaments go wrong.

Damaged spools may also have been victim to the infamous “re-spooling”. Although our suppliers have been instructed to never re-spool any of our filaments, this still does happen in a small number of cases. Re-spooling is done to meet a small shortfall in quantities. So if one spool of a certain colour of material is missing, respooling from an older batch or a larger spool of similar filaments will be done to match design and packaging requirements. This, obviously, causes problems.

Storage Conditions

Another big reason, filaments can be so horribly heartbreaking are the storage conditions. Conventional advise does state that PLA must be stored in a cool and dry place, but there is still a fine line. With direct air-conditioning, the PLA will turn really brittle, real fast. Also in very cold environments, PLA does turn hard and stiff, which can cause the snapping of the material as we see here.

High humidity is also a big problem with storing PLA. It is always good to ensure that materials are stored in an airtight container with desiccant.

Even though we are trying our best to ensure that we only provide the best quality filaments to our customers, they will inevitably be one or two fails. We promise to figure out what went wrong as soon as possible and ensure that you have a great experience with us.

Rest assured, we understand the heartbreak of having filaments that are not as great as you expect them to be. We will gladly offer exchanges for any filaments with problems, it’s the least we can do to help soothe a broken heart.


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