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Flashforge Guider 2 - A big 3D printer for the adventurous

Posted by Munnie Chin on

In early 2017, Flashforge Corporation teased the release of the Flashforge Guider 2. After some initial teething problems, the large build plate 3D printer is now available for sale. We have been using the Flashforge Guider 2 for a few months and so far, we are very satisfied with most parts of it.

Flashforge Guider 2

Read on for our review and final verdict on the Flashforge Guider 2.

What we love:

1. Decent build size

The Flashforge Guider 2 features a build size of 280 x 250 x 300 mm - nearly 70% more than the previous generation Flashforge Guider. 

FlashForge Guider and Guider 2 build plate size comparison

Guider 1 vs Guider 2 build plate comparison

2. Nozzle upgrades and filament detection

The new nozzle design ensures that airflow is at its most efficient in order to ensure great print quality.
The new nozzles also enable printing with a host of different materials that can be found in the 3D Printing Materials Store.

Generally, 3D prints from the Flashforge Guider 2 have a smooth, matte top finish and the layers look a little shiny (but this may also be caused by the materials.)

Flashforge Guider 2 3D PrintFlashforge Guider 2 3D Print
Flashforge Guider 2 3D Prints

3. Assisted “Auto” Leveling.
Forget manual leveling with a piece of paper, the Flashforge Guider 2 comes with an auto-assisted build plate leveling system.

Similar to the FlashForge Finder (read a review of the Flashforge Finder), you have a probe that sticks out of the nozzle housing to tell you when you have adjusted the knobs to the perfect height.

Flashforge Guider 2 Assisted Auto Levelling

4. Resume Printing Function
A dream come true for many 3D printers around the world. Imagine the power going off while in the middle of a 3D print, with most 3D printers, you would have to restart from the beginning. But with the Flashforge Guider 2 you are able to recover the print from where it was left off.

The TL;DR version


  • High printing precision,
  • Relatively quiet ~ 60dB
  • Able to print with different materials,
  • Resume printing function


  • A bit too bulky for our liking
  • Nozzle clogs look like they will be really difficult to clear
  • Prints are a bit difficult to remove 
  • Comparison between Flashforge Guider 2 and Guider

Find out more about the full specifications of the Flashforge Guider 2 and purchase at the 3D Printing Materials Store.


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