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Peeling 3D prints off your build plates

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

For about 2 years now, we have been developing and testing the Easypeel options for the Flashforge Creator Pro and Dreamer. Recently, we have added mēkā Easypeel for Guider 2 to our offerings. 

At the start, there were a few teething problems. The build plate was too heavy, not flat enough, bubbles in the magnetic side and many others. but we got through it. To date, we have sold nearly 600 pieces of the build plates for Flashforge Creator Pro and Dreamer. 

As you can see in the video, there are many benefits to having the mēkā EasyPeel build plate upgrade. 

1. Easy to remove 3D Prints

2. No need to re-level all the time

3. Faster Throughput - start the next print right away

The mēkā EasyPeel Build plate upgrade is in use by schools, libraries and companies in Singapore and throughout the world. This makes us exceedingly proud of our simple yet necessary upgrade. 


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