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Review of the Winbo Super Helper SH155L

Posted by Shafiq Bashir on

Winbo have been on the map since early 2014 as a high-quality manufacturer of 3D printing materials and 3D printers. Their 3D printers have been the stuff of many reviews from the 3D printing world. Relenting in early 2017, one of our designers, Michael decided to get a Winbo Super Helper for himself. 

Read on for his review of the Winbo Super Helper SH155L

  • It has a laser engraver, which is surprisingly easy to use
  • High temp of 240˚C - enables printing with PETG at slow speeds
  • Light and portable - I can place it anywhere in the office or at home

Winbo Super Helper SH155L 3D Print

  • Easily removable build-plate for quickly popping off prints
  • WINBO's In-house slicing software makes 3D printing and laser cutting easy
  • Print quality is really good.


Loading and Unloading of Winbo Super Helper 3D Printer


  • Build-plate not heated, restricts the type of filaments we can use
  • Build-plate requires a bit of glue, if not warping will always be an issue
  • Loading and unloading can sometimes be a nightmare as alignment is key



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