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Flashforge AD1 for Channel Letter 3D Printing - A Sign-maker's Dream

Regular price $6,999.00 SGD

Are you a sign maker looking to add a new dimension to your work? Are you looking to improve production time and production quality? The FlashForge AD1 is the machine for you. 

Benefits of using the FlashForge AD1:

1. 2/3 improvement in production time 

2. New design possibilities with nearly 7 different type of letterings

3. Easier workflows to increase throughput

Some features of the Flashforge AD1:

- 600x600x70mm Printing Size

- 8 point manual levelling for totally flat prints

- Fast 3D Printing - enables savings of up to 2/3 production time

- Filaments suitable for prolonged outdoor use in a large variety of color choices

- FlashAD software makes design and 3D Printing simple

Please note that this machine is optimised for a special formulation of PLA. 

Download the full specifications sheet.