Formfutura 1.75mm CarbonFil™ for FDM/FFF 3D Printing 0.5kg

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Spool wrapped and easy to use Carbon Fibre filaments for 3D Printing.

CarbonFil™ is a light-weight and incredibly stiff carbon fiber-reinforced filament. CarbonFil™ filament is based upon a unique blend of HDglass™ compound reinforced with 20% ultra-light and relatively long stringer carbon fibers, which has resulted in an exceptionally stiff carbon fiber 3D printer filament. By making use of ultra-lightweight and relatively long carbon fiber stringers we have managed to make CarbonFil™ twice as stiff as HDglass™ compound and yet we still managed to increase its impacted strength with more than 10%.

Adding such a relatively high percentage of 20% long stringer carbon fibers into CarbonFil™ compound also has resulted in a relatively high heat deflection temperature of 85°C and very good dimensional stability properties.

The CarbonFil™ compound combines quite a few unique properties into a 3D printer filament and still, one of the most important properties hasn’t been named yet, namely its printer friendliness. CarbonFil™ outperforms any other carbon filament when it comes to printability of the filament. It has great properties amongst most 3d print filament.

Printing with CarbonFil™ filament is truly very easy and comfortable as it is warp-free, can be printed without a heated bed, has a great thermal stability, an excellent flowing behaviour and a superb first- and interlayer adhesion and does not produce any odours during 3D printing. Hence a must have 3d printer parts in Singapore.




Filament Net Weight:

± 0.5 Kg







Diameter Tolerance:

± 0.05 mm

Print Temperature Guideline:

215° C ± 5° C

Melting Temperature:

210° C ± 10° C

Ovalidity Tolerance (max):


Density (21.5°C):

Print Speed Guideline:

40 - 100 mm/


The objects printed from CarbonFil™ filament carry a stunning matt charcoal colour. It’s best to print objects with CarbonFil™ within the temperature range of 240°C and 265°C. CarbonFil™ can be printed without a heated bed and sticks extremely well to Blue Painters Tape.

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