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Formfutura 1.75mm Crystal Flex™ for FDM/FFF 3D Printing 0.5kg

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Crystal Flex™ is a heavy duty, translucent and yet flexible filament. Crystal Flex™’s transparency is being described  “plexiglass-like”, as apparently, Crystal Flex™ will let 91% of visible light pass through its fiber. Crystal Flex™ is as clear as Polycarbonate filament. This unique feature makes Crystal Flex™ extremely suitable for printing light-transmitting objects.

Tested for use on Creator ProDreamer and Guider 2

Another great feature about Crystal Flex™ is its resilience and bendability. Crystal Flex™ is a very tough material and has a shore hardness of D65, which enables this filament to bent up to 175% without causing white stress marks.

Crystal Flex™ has a high interlayer adhesion, making it a wonderful and easy-to-print filament. Crystal Flex™’s recommended printing temperature is between ~215° and ~240°C, with ~240°C as the recommended temperature for best layer adhesion during printing at high speed. Crystal Flex™’s thermal stability is comparable with that of PLA (65° – 70°C).

Crystal Flex™ will come in handy for any object requiring flexibility, resilience, or light emission.

Crystal Flex™ is soluble in brake cleaner.

Product Details

Crystal Flex™ 3D printer filament is wrapped on a transparent ABS plastic spool which contains approximately 0.5Kg of the filament.

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