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Formfutura 1.75mm EasyWood™ for FDM/FFF 3D Printing 0.5kg

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Spool wrapped and easy to use tropical hardwood filaments for 3D Printing

EasyWood™ is a beautiful wood filament which enables you to 3D print wood-like objects. EasyWood™ looks, feels and smells like real wood. It is a unique mixture of 40% grounded wood particles in combination with the modified and proven easy-to-print binding polymers used for Formfutura's EasyFil™ PLA. This extraordinary blend has resulted in a high-end and unsurpassed “easy to print” wood filament.

The printing temperature guideline for printing with EasyWood™ filament is approximately 210-220°C. As each desktop 3D printer has its own unique characteristics, you might need to tweak around with your temperature settings a bit to get the best results. To obtain optimal results for your prints, you need to take into account variables like your 3D printer nozzle diameter, your printing speed settings, and layer height.

Nozzle diameter must be at least 0.4mm (0.6mm recommended).

EasyWood™ can be printed both with and without a heated print bed. However, if your desktop 3D printer does have a heated print bed it is recommended to set your print bed temperature to approximately 35° to 60° C.

Tested for use on Creator ProDreamer and Guider 2

A good first layer adhesion is of the utmost importance in obtaining the best results for your prints. Make sure that your print bed is accurately levelled and clean.

Tip: EasyWood™ sticks extremely well to Blue Painters Tape.

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