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Mēkā #mekamaterials 1.75mm PLA Filaments for 3D Printing 1kg

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After nearly 2 years, we have now achieved perfection with our own brand of 3D printing materials. #mekamaterials is envisioned to be a family of fresh, high-quality and affordable 3D Printing materials for the everyday consumer. We will be working with designers and manufacturers from all areas to push the boundaries of packaging and quality assurance to ensure that you have the best experience ever. 

These are 1kg spools in 13 amazing colours. 

PolyLactic Acid is an easy to use and affordable 3D printing Filament. It emits no odour and does not warp while printing. 

3D prints made with PLA can be painted with Acrylic Paints.

The specifications of #mekamaterials PLA 3D printing filaments are:

1. High precision dimension with 1.75+/-0.10mm range

2. Good roundness with 1.75+/-0.07mm range

No heated bed is necessary for printing. A filament fan will provide the ability to print sharp and pointed parts. 

Usage instructions:

Extruder Temperature: 190 - 230˚C

Printing platform: Bed with Blue Painters Tape or any Polycarbonate board.

Printing Speeds: 90-120 mm/s

Travel Speeds: 90-120 mm/s

Filament fan must be turned on for sharp corners and detailed printing.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet