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BOFA 3DPrintPro3 Fume Extractor for Desktop 3D Printers

Regular price $2,999.00 SGD

The 3D Print Pro 3 from BOFA International is a low cost and low power consumption Fume Extractor designed to work with desktop 3D Printers. 

As more institutes and businesses start to experiment with 3D Printers, placing them in offices and classrooms, we want to ensure your safety. 

The 3D Print Pro 3 is in use in schools and offices to protect users from dust, fumes and other volatile compounds.

Features of the 3D Print Pro 3:

  • HEPA Filter with Advanced Carbon Filter Technology
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low noise due to variable speed module
  • Multi- Voltage Sensing - automatically senses local voltage and switches as necessary

Our team will help you set-up and ensure that your team is as safe as possible. We will fabricate custom holders, mounts and nozzles, if necessary. 

Download specifications sheet.