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Lightboard | Learning Glass | Glass Wall | Transparent Whiteboard - Various sizes

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The Lightboard is also known as a leaarning glass, glass wall or transparent whiteboard. It is used in educational institutions to make it easier to capture videos for teaching. 

The Lightboard was invented by Michael Peshkin from NorthWestern University. It was envisioned as a tool to help him make videos quicker and also make videos that interest his students too. Using a lightboard, the instructor can face the students as they write and their writing glows in front of them, enabling easier comprehension and communication. This also makes videos shorter as instructors can write and speak at the same time. 

Benefits of a Lightboard:

  • Work with your equations and drawings more naturally while facing the camera
  • Promotes learning - aids visual and auditory learners
  • Promotes interaction with learners
  • Capture high-quality video without blocking any important elements on the board
  • Capture higher quality audio as movement is minimise

All our lightboards are fully customisable with holders or anything else that you will need. Feel free to be in touch with our team at for more information. As each lightboard is custom built, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

We also provide LightBoard Studio Buildout services. Contact us at for more information. 


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